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About me

Suely RiveraMS LMHC
Owner and Mental Health Therapist

Hello! I am Suely Rivera the owner and leadtherapist of In Bloom Counseling and Wellness, LLC.  I hold a Master in Science in Counseling Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University. I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Certified Life Coach. I am trained in  EMDR for trauma, as well as trained in Emotion-Focused Therapy for couples, Gottman (for couples) Level 1, and a Prepare-Enriched facilitator. I also utilize expressive writing and art techniques throughout sessions.

Clients have asked me what led me to be a counselor and honestly, it was my personal therapeutic journey that I discovered my desire to help others more profoundly.
I grew up in a Latinx military family, so discussing emotions was not a common occurrence. As an adolescent, I began to comprehend that I was the daughter of a parent with a severe mental illness. I often felt inadequately prepared on how to cope and understand the illness. Through my faith and personal counseling, my life transformed. 
I believe in creating a safe and relaxed environment for my clients to share their uncensored stories.  It may feel like they are talking to a friend because my approach is down-to-earth and infused with humor and empathy.
The foundation of In Bloom Counseling and Wellness is my Christian faith and the mission is to welcome all who genuinely are seeking help and healing. 
It's important for you to feel like you have found the right fit to explore your story! Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Below are a few areas that we can explore with you:
Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, PTSD, Self-esteem, Toxic Relationships, Marriage and Premarital Counseling, Christian Counseling

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